Flask Tutorial Cont…:python vs py, more slqite

so I came back to this import flask error
I did more reading

oh, I got the first markov project to work from the
powershell, yay! it was py instead of python ofcourse

I looked up more stuff and learned that a requirements.txt file could
be makde using pip freeze > -r requirements.txt
so I got that which is one more score for the original project.

Now I learn that since when I try to install flask in the venv it says it
already is installed, but when I try to import it it can’t be found,
I looked closer at where flask is installed and it is in site-packages
which is something the original tutorial says „no– site -packages“ so I’m
thinking maybe it’s not fidning it because it’s too far away
but pip still finds it and says I have it.

wow, this has taken the better part of 4 hours, the solution is that
it calling flaskr.py I need to call: python flaskr.py
if I call with „py“ I am calling python3 but I guess flask was installed
in python2. Holy shit!

Now I’ve worked on the tutorial http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/0.10/tutorial/dbcon/#tutorial-dbcon
for building a basic web app and I realize the tutorial is actually
vague at times and there is very little testing which you would
expect, cause y’know if you just write the whole program and only
test at the end…but that is what seems to be happening here
almost so I decided before getting into the templating I would
test it just to see what I have. I have a main error about not
being able to connect to the db and then a bunch of other errors
or trackbacks or something based off of that.