Set Builder Notation(Needed to understand Sets and then Markov Models)


S={}: means S is will be a „Set“

R stands for real numbers.

R^2 stands for „real plane“ or „Cartesian Plane“

S={xR^2}: Specifies a Universe of Discourse, meaning the type of elements we are interested in, in the set. For example, integer numbers, words, etc.

^2 means „pairs of which“ so R^2 means „pairs of real numbers“

S={xR2x[0,1]^2}  Specifies the unierse of discourse and then further specifies the members from that universe that we want in our set which are [0,1] meaning all numbers between 0 and 1.

[0,1]^2 means pairs of 0 and 1

and also I think it’s about coordinates on a Cartesian Plane.

| means add another condition or“such that“.

∈ is a symbol that means „in“

I read some of the tutorial in the third link. I feel sick lol.

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