Learning Python Through interactivepython.org

My Plan

I am studying the interactivepython.org website. Going to work through this at approx 5 – 10 minutes per day. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I have enough background and I learn fast enough that it should be fine, and any more seems to lead me into a spiral of anxiety/depression about not learning enough fast enough. If I feel like doing more on some days I guess I might. Also I want to get really into the social aspect of it so it will be in my environment. I’m choosing Python over all the web dev stuff I was previously thinking about doing for a few reasons.

Reasons for choosing Python

1. I think to get the most bang for my buck in terms of accelerated growth, I need to pick one language and learn to do anything I want to do in that language.

2. The python community has a philosophy of collaboration and support which is more inline with my values(as well as I think the values of science in general) and should help me stay motivated and learn faster, and also they have a lot of information on a lot of interesting areas like game development, so if I ever need a change I can still stick with the same language.

So here is my journal for the first day:

So I really just skimmed the intro until the section about atomic data types and collection data types. I like that it introduces a lot of the functions that are going to be used but I’m also anxious to get to the actually problem solving part. Slowly but surely I guess.

I feel that for me, my retention will depend on keeping up with this over a long period of time, so I’m not gonna worry about how much I learn on any given day. I skimmed a bit more just to see what was coming up and it looks like the book is heading in the right direction for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Feel free to talk to me, let me know what you’re doing, etc!